Christmas Memories of Growing Up in Highland Park

Though I wrote this last year, the memories are still vivid! Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I am sorry that I haven’t written any new posts lately. I do hope to get started again soon. May each of you have a Blessed Christmas.

Growing Up in Highland Park, MI

“The helicopter is coming!”  This would be one of the greatest highlights of my young life.  Yes, I had sat on Santa’s lap at Hudson’s and Sears and Roebuck’s, but this would be special.  Santa was arriving at Ford Park in a helicopter.   The helicopter soon landed and there he was!  Santa  climbed out of the helicopter as gracefully as possible for a man of his girth.  He then gave a hearty “Ho Ho” and passed out candy to all of us children.  I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come.

Reflecting back upon my Christmas memories, takes me to a time where life was quite simple for me.  My parents helped make Christmas the special and joyous time of year that it was.  Here are several random memories of my Christmases as a child growing up in Highland Park.

Our Christmas season would begin on Thanksgiving.  Dad would make…

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Memories of Growing Up in Highland Park

  1. Christmas in Highland Park, ’62 ( I believe it was) My father was the Santa Clause at Sears, We all had our photo with Santa, although I was a bit older that I realized it was my father. Also the Optimist Christmas Parties at HPHS! Bird shows, dog shows, clowns and goodie bags!

  2. oh my goodness, i forgot all about santa coming in the helicopter, thank you so much for reminding me… I do remember how excited all of us would be waiting for Santa 🙂

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