Thoughts about My Highland Park Teachers (Teacher Appreciation Week)

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I don’t know if we ever had a Teacher Appreciation Week when I went to school, but I do know that I never showed any real appreciation to my teachers. Why wasn’t I appreciative of the efforts of my many teachers?

Growing up and going to school, I basically lived in my own little world.  My focus was upon myself, sometimes family and a few friends. I never thought about the lives of the teachers that I had throughout my days in school. Teachers were like the furniture in the school. They were a necessary fixture. Yes, many were nice and a few not so nice.  However, I never really thought about them as people. I never thought about the fact that they had personal lives with heartaches, problems, sicknesses, and needs. I don’t think I ever said “thank you” or an encouraging word to any of my teachers.

Today I am typing this post because I had teachers that taught me how to read, and write.  Several teachers poured themselves into teaching me grammar and spelling. I had an eighth grade teacher that taught me how to type. My tenth grade speech teacher gave me my first lessons in public speaking.  Now, as a pastor, I preach the Word of God three times a week. There are many other things that I learned in school, that I use today. Yet, I rarely think about the teacher that taught me the very things that I know today.

 I am sure that I am not alone in taking teachers for granted. Teachers are a group of people who are always giving out, but they don’t get much in return from those to whom they give so much. As a parent or a student, it would be great to give a word of encouragement to a teacher. You can be the source of refreshment to a teacher who may truly be thirsting for someone to care about them.

 P.S. I originally wrote parts of this post after hearing that one of my teachers had committed suicide several years ago.  It woke me up to the fact that my teachers had real needs, but I was too self-centered to think about them as people.

17 thoughts on “Thoughts about My Highland Park Teachers (Teacher Appreciation Week)

  1. I am looking for the names of the teachers teachers teaching at Liberty Elementary between 1953 and 1959. Can you help me?

    • Hello Susan,
      I wish I could be a help to you, but I was born in 55 and I attended Midland. However, I know someone who was at Liberty during the time you mentioned and he will be contacting you. I hope that he will be of help. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope to get back to writing soon.

    • Thanks for reading my blog. The only teacher I remember for kindergarten was Miss Robbins. I am sure there were two others. I had Miss Robbins for Kindergarten at Ford School. The next year Midland School opened and I entered first grade there.

    • I was in kindergarten at Liberty Elementary in 1953. My teacher’s name was Mrs, Miller. She was an older teacher with gray hair, but I loved her 🙂

      • I also had Mrs. Miller for a kindergarten teacher at Liberty Elementary in1955 or 56 . I lived in H.P from age 4 till age 15 on Portage Street. I did find a site that has lliberty school alum and saw some people i knew.

      • Would love to have that website. I went to Liberty K-5. Loved every minute of it. Do you remember the sandbox and slide in the Kindergarten room and that beautiful bay window? The ceilings were at least two stories high. Swimming and home ec starting in 4th grade, who could beat that.

    • I also went to Midland Elementary School, I remember a Mrs Wallace and Mrs. Goodman. Cant remember any others off hand

  2. Mark:
    Came across your post(s) by chance while just surfing around while watching football on TV today. My name is Fritz Gross (#13 and #70 in your Little League pics – I still have my copies of them in a box somewhere in the basement. Thanks for posting not just those, but other memories as well. I started grade school at Ford while Midland was being built. I remember many of the teachers. For kindergarten I had a Miss White. She was young, fresh out of school I think. She was the first non-relative older female I had met that wasn’t a friends’ mom and I had a huge crush on her. All the boys did. 1st grade was Dorothy Hileman. My first year at Midland was 2nd grade and I had Mrs Schlabach. Not sure after that, but I think there was a Mrs Miller in there somewhere. My mom was Dorothy Gross and after I went back to Ford for Middle school she was the Midland School secretary. Hazel Rebbe (aka, Seeds) was a family friend. She retired and moved to Boca Raton, FL, where she passed away in the late 1990’s (?).

    • Hello Fritz,
      Thanks for reading my blog. I definitely need to start writing again seeing that I left off in sixth grade. I do remember you. If I am not mistaken you either hung around Ford Park or you later worked in the summer at Ford Park. I think we had a mutual friend in Rosemary Adams who was my neighbor. It seems to me that you must have been one year ahead of me. Did you go to Highland Park High School? If I remember correctly, you didn’t. I have great memories of growing up in Highland Park. It was a great community at the time. I had Miss Robbins in Kindergarten at Ford School. I also had Mrs. Schlabach in 2nd grade. It is sad to go through Highland Park these days. My house on Candler Ave. is long gone. A couple of times when my kids were younger I took them down to Highland Park, but they could never imagine what it was like growing up there. If some of my memories of you are wrong, please forgive me. I also knew an Alan Gross, but I don’t think you were related. If you care to communicate via email. My address is: It was great to hear from you! Please write, so I can know what is happening in your life now. I will gladly do likewise. Sincerely Mark Booth

      • Hi Mark….you have got to know my family. I am a grandson of Mary Longoria who also lived on Candler right near St Benedict’s. My oldest brother was Mark Anderson who is probably 2 years older than you. Then there are the Longo’s who had 16 kids. We lived on Florence between Woodward and Hamilton. Could go on…probably many connections you’d have with my brother Mark who is 8 years older than me. Bob Anderson

      • Hello Bob,
        Thanks for reading my blog. I need to get back to it. It has been about four years since I have written anything. I am sorry, but for some reason, I don’t remember your family. I lived on Candler between Brush and Oakland. I was born in 1955.

    • I had Mrs. Miller for kindergarten 1953/1954 at Liberty. I am trying to figure out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. One of them I had for two years. She was single then got married. I think the married name was Mrs. Lewis. Any help on the names would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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