Thoughts about My Highland Park Teachers (Teacher Appreciation Week)

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I don’t know if we ever had a Teacher Appreciation Week when I went to school, but I do know that I never showed any real appreciation to my teachers. Why wasn’t I appreciative of the efforts of my many teachers?

Growing up and going to school, I basically lived in my own little world.  My focus was upon myself, sometimes family and a few friends. I never thought about the lives of the teachers that I had throughout my days in school. Teachers were like the furniture in the school. They were a necessary fixture. Yes, many were nice and a few not so nice.  However, I never really thought about them as people. I never thought about the fact that they had personal lives with heartaches, problems, sicknesses, and needs. I don’t think I ever said “thank you” or an encouraging word to any of my teachers.

Today I am typing this post because I had teachers that taught me how to read, and write.  Several teachers poured themselves into teaching me grammar and spelling. I had an eighth grade teacher that taught me how to type. My tenth grade speech teacher gave me my first lessons in public speaking.  Now, as a pastor, I preach the Word of God three times a week. There are many other things that I learned in school, that I use today. Yet, I rarely think about the teacher that taught me the very things that I know today.

 I am sure that I am not alone in taking teachers for granted. Teachers are a group of people who are always giving out, but they don’t get much in return from those to whom they give so much. As a parent or a student, it would be great to give a word of encouragement to a teacher. You can be the source of refreshment to a teacher who may truly be thirsting for someone to care about them.

 P.S. I originally wrote parts of this post after hearing that one of my teachers had committed suicide several years ago.  It woke me up to the fact that my teachers had real needs, but I was too self-centered to think about them as people.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts about My Highland Park Teachers (Teacher Appreciation Week)

  1. I am looking for the names of the teachers teachers teaching at Liberty Elementary between 1953 and 1959. Can you help me?

    • Hello Susan,
      I wish I could be a help to you, but I was born in 55 and I attended Midland. However, I know someone who was at Liberty during the time you mentioned and he will be contacting you. I hope that he will be of help. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope to get back to writing soon.

    • Thanks for reading my blog. The only teacher I remember for kindergarten was Miss Robbins. I am sure there were two others. I had Miss Robbins for Kindergarten at Ford School. The next year Midland School opened and I entered first grade there.

    • I was in kindergarten at Liberty Elementary in 1953. My teacher’s name was Mrs, Miller. She was an older teacher with gray hair, but I loved her 🙂

    • I also went to Midland Elementary School, I remember a Mrs Wallace and Mrs. Goodman. Cant remember any others off hand

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