A History of Highland Park Textbook (Part Two)

In third grade, we were introduced to a small book called: “A History of Highland Park” by Ellen Hathaway.  I only found this book again a few months ago thanks to Doug Kalish.  It is on a child’s level, but it is still a great way to relearn the history of Highland Park.  Here is the second half of the book. Enjoy it as I have.

hphist37 hphist38 hphist39 hphist40 hphist41 hphist42 hphist43 hphist44 hphist45 hphist46 hphist47 hphist48 hphist49 hphist50 hphist51 hphist52 hphist53 hphist54 Hphist55 hphist56 hphist57 hphist58 hphist59 Hphist60




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