A History of Highland Park Textbook (Part One)

In third grade, we were introduced to a small book called: “A History of Highland Park” by Ellen Hathaway.  I only found this book again a few months ago thanks to Doug Kalish.  It is on a child’s level, but it is still a great way to relearn the history of Highland Park.  Here is the first half of the book. Enjoy it as I have.




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10 thoughts on “A History of Highland Park Textbook (Part One)

    • I couldn’t tell you about the schools, but I am sure with Ford starting the plant in HP, the money started to flow into Highland Park. As for the library, I did find this quote from Wikipedia: “In 1918 Katherine and Tracy McGregor, wealthy individuals, deeded the property of a facility for “homeless, crippled, and backward children.” The McGregor Public Library opened on that site in 1924.” I don’t know why there are new books about the history of almost every community in Michigan, even Hamtramck, but not one of Highland Park.

      • If you have a PDF of The History of Highland Park, I would greatly like to have a copy. My email address is tryon@hotmail.com. I remember Mrs. Hathaway as she lived on Highland Avenue just a few doors west and on the opposite side of the street from my grandparents who lived at 22 Highland. My mother went to school at Ferris Elementary, as you might imagine.

  1. I had a good cry today after viewing on-line the pictures of Highland Park as it is today. I grew up In HP. I was the 4th generation of my maternal family to reside there.The Ford Motor Plant was built on land purchased from my great grand parents (Thomas and Josephine Ford) they were not related to Henry. Their son, Royal Milton Ford, was the first mayor of Highland Park

    • Janet,
      Thank you for taking the time to write some comments on my blog. Thanks also for sharing the story about the property of the Ford Plant. I didn’t know who owned the property before Ford Motor Company. I had read that it was once a race track. Some time you should share some of your memories about those early days. I am always willing to have a guest writer if it adds to our knowledge of Highland Park history.

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